Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

1. Pipa Yarns is Petra Machová Kouřilová (address: Halouzkova 851, Rajhrad, CZECH REPUBLIC).We sell hand-dyed yarns, knitting patterns and accessories for knitters. Pipa Yarns is data controller.

Personal data means data that can identify your person, such as address, email address, telephone number, etc. Processing of personal data is necessary for us to provide services to our Customers. If you do not agree with the processing of the data as described in this Statement, please do not use our website and services.

2. What personal data do we process:

  • name and surname
  • address
  • e-mail address
  • phone number
  • username and password for registered users
  • information you provide us via customer support
  • data about any e-mail communication from us.

3. Why do we proccess this data:

  • to provide our services
  • communication and support
  • marketing
  • the law dictates what data we need to collect

4. How we collect data:

  • Automated data collection

Cookies and pixels

Cookies are small text files that contain a character string and uniquely identify the browser. The operator sends a Web page or a third party to the computer. Most browsers accept cookies by default because it is a condition of viewing and browsing most websites. Still, you can completely disable cookies in your browser settings, block third-party cookies, or set when cookies can be sent.

Pixel tags are scripts that run when a user enters a page or opens an email. The pixel itself is not visible and can only be found in the HTML of the pages and emails. The script calls an application on a server that either secures the download of a third-party cookie to your computer or registers the opening of an e-mail message.

Google Analytics: This cookie allows us to see information about the user’s visit to our site, such as the displayed pages, the source of the visit, the time spent on the page, and more. This information is pseudonymized and displayed only as numbers. Therefore, you can not trace them back to a particular user, which helps to protect your privacy. Thanks to Google Analytics, we can find out which content is most popular on our site and we can offer you more content that interests you. If you do not want Google to collect and process the information generated by these cookies, you can prevent this by installing the Google Analytics Opt-out BrowserAdd on your browser This add-on is available here:

Facebook Remarketing: A Facebook Pixel tag uploads cookies to your computer to notify Facebook that you have visited our site. So we assume you are interested in Pipa Yarns and the content of our site. The next time you visit Facebook, you’ll see information and ads with similar content. To limit this type of marketing, change the privacy settings for your Facebook account.

5. What data do we share, with whom and why

  • the authorities – the the extent provided by law
  • partners

Zásilkovna – name, e-mail, phone number, address – data neccessary for delivery of goods

Czech Post – name, address – data necessary for delivery of goods

PayPal – data neccessary forproccessing online and credit card payments through PayPal (their privacy policy:

Ravelry: username and e-mail – only when you boy patterns through Ravelry (their privacy policy:

iDoklad – data neccessary for invoicing and accounting (their privacy policy:

MailChimp – e-mail address – if you give us permission to contact you with marketing communication (their privacy policy:

Google – pseudonymized data from webiste analytics through third party cookies – for marketing purposes and to improve our services

Facebook – website analytics data from third party cookies – for marketing purposes

6. Your rights

  • right to opt-out of any marketing communication at any time – you can simply follow the instructions in the footer of any of our e-mails, or send a request by e-mail to Please note, that you could be still contacted for administrative purposes if you have ever used our services.
  • right to access your data – upon request we will provide you an overview of all your data that we proccess. You also have to right to transfer your data. You can also request changing your data – you can either do so through your we account or send a request by e-mail to
  • right to be forgotten – you can request any of your data to be permanently deleted. However, some data cannot be erased if we are required to keep them for lawful purposes, e.g. accounting.